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Electric Guitar Neck Plates

Neck Plates used on Telecasters and other Vintage Guitars are Essential Replacement Parts for Pro Builders and those Learning How to Build a Guitar ...

Neck plate function is a simple yet efficient way to connect the neck to the body. The plate's rectangle surface adds strength and stability to the neck joint by increasing contact between the body and neck base.  A solid plate connection along with a tight neck to pocket fit also helps focus the instrument's sound.

Size, shape and screw hole patterns have changed over the years.   But, Leo Fender's original idea and proportions continue to be the most used.

Guitar plates may all look the same, but there are a number of manufacturers using slightly different measurements.  Plates on Fenders, Ibanez and others may not be the same. 

Our plates use the most common Fender style measurements.  Our Metric dimensions approx. hole centers on the short side are 1 1/2" and  2" on the long side.  The overall size is 2 1/2" x 2".  (See drawing showing metric equivalents)

Finishes of Nickel, Black Nickel, and Nickel Satin as used on our other hardware parts are available for the plate.

Note: MVG advises, if using a Plate as Replacement Part, measure the bolt Pattern of the piece being replaced to assure proper bolt alignment between neck pocket heel and the neck .

New Guitar Plate Availability

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Neck Plate Alternative

 A modern alternative to guitar plates are Neck Ferrules, which are similar but much larger than Body string ferrules.  

Combining both neck and body ferrules give the back of the guitar a coordinated look and feel.  When the ferrules are inset into the body, there is less resistance and obstruction when playing in the upper register.

MVG offers Neck Mounting ferrules, as with other Guitar Hardware, in Nickel, Black Nickel and Chrome.  And now, in "Original AGED RELIC".

"Original" Aged Relic

MVG offers custom "Original" Aged Relic hardware parts in various levels of aging.  Anything from decades of gentle closet aging to very, very different.  We offer Both Aged Plates and Bushings. 

                                      Here is a fine example of a Hybrid Plate.     

Our processes for aging have evolved into a somewhat different style of aging we named "Hybrid".  Each piece has it's own unique look from light aging to "Very Wild" textures and shading, setting your next project apart from any other.

Check our Aged Relic Vintage Collection for available individual parts.

 '"Original" AGED RELIC Guitar Plate Availability

Interested in finding the best "Original" AGED RELIC Guitar Neck Plate or Ferrules for your next project?

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Please keep checking back.  Our Aged Relic listings intermittently have new additions