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Guitar Jack Plate

A Guitar Jack plate is Required on every Electric Guitar. Whether it's a Vintage Guitar, Telecaster or Cheap Electric Guitar, They can all use the Same Replacement Parts ...

There are an number of ways to screw a Jack plate to the top or side of a guitar.  Simple two and four screw plates are most commonly used to hold the female input jack. 

The Socket style plate is the most popular and secure.  Instead of covering the jack access hole, It is screwed to the inside of the hole giving a solid purchase to the guitar, making it a more reliable version than the original style.  


Guitar Jack Mount Availability

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The jack mounting surface is generally made of metal, but heavy ply plastic is used at times.  Shape can be cosmetic and / or functional.  There are Round, Square, Cup and Elliptical shapes that can be either Flat or slightly curved depending on the mounting surface

Telecaster Cup Style Guitar Jack Mount

But, Telecaster Purists insist on the Original Cup version. 

Tele's started with, and on some models today continue to use, a cup style mount.  The cup mount is held in place by a spring plate.  This style became vulnerable to heavy use and often came apart.  The cup mount style was fit into a 7/8" hole on the rear bottom edge of the guitar.

Modern Guitar Jack Mounts

Flat and Contoured Plates mounted to the body by either 2 or 4 screws are another secure and inexpensive alternative to the Cup style guitar Jack mount.

As mentioned above, the most popular replacement is a socket style jack mount held firmly to the sides on the 7/8" tele hole by two angled screws.
Instead of a screw and a washer holding the jack mount to the plate, the socket style is threaded to match the female input jack's thread.  This design is far more resistant to disconnection issues.   

Aged Relic Jack Plates

Here's an example of Modern Vintage Guitar Aged Relic Jack Mount

MVG offers Socket, Flat and curved style jack plates in vintage Nickel  and Black Nickel along with Aged Relic for that old time classic look.

MVG offers most hardware parts in Aged Relic Finish.  Finishes Range from Lightly Aged to Heavy Relic.  Modern Vintage Guitar is the original creator of Hybrid Aged Relic Parts.  Hybrid parts offer a wide variety of finishes that were not previously offered.

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