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Guitar String Ferrules

Guitar String Ferrules are the Key to Anchoring a String Thru Body Guitar Set Up. Most Ferrules are Located on the Back of the Guitar Body, But, if needed, Do Not Forget the Top and Definitley Make Sure they are the Right Size!

Body Ferrules anchor the strings to the guitar body.  Is it believed that this
style of string mounting leads to deeper resonance.  Whether the strings are
routed over the saddles of a String Thru Bridge or over a Tune-O-Matic
style bridge, correctly mounted String Ferrules are the key to a
successful set up. 

Note:  Ferrules are usually placed in a straight line.  Some builders believe a
staggered approach such as this one help improve intonation.

If the Build is planned with a Tune-O-Matic Style bridge, be sure to
consider using a nicely beveled Ferrule on the top of the guitar body
to allow for a clean string angle with less chance of string breakage.

Guitar Ferrules are offered in a variety of styles sizes and colors. 
The body of the guitar is  pre-drilled with holes that SHOULD accept the
builders String ferrules.  But the Body Builder and the Guitar Builder may
have two very different ideas of which size, depth and style holes are to
be used.

Note: When buying a pre-drilled Body, be sure to find out the ferrule hole
measurements to be sure it's a match for the style ferrules intended for
the build.

This example is the worse we've seen.  It was the wrong size for all three
of the most popular ferrule styles

The Three Most Popular Guitar String Ferrules

MVG offers Body String Ferrules in the 3 most popular, yet different styles.  Here they are left to right.

"No Lip" are designed to be set flush to the body. 

"Small Lip" are common in most older guitars.

"Big Lip" versions are currently the most used version because they are more forgiving for
 production work and believed to provide a stronger hold.

The No Lip Model has no knurling as do the others.  A much more accurate diameter hole and depth are required to achieve the desired Flush mount.

All of the choices have a tapered bottom for easily pressing the ferrule into the hole. 

It is advised for a builder installing any of the ferrule choices for the first time to practice on a spare piece of same species wood.

To help assure the correct Guitar Ferrule selection, here are the details on all three.

Guitar String Ferrule Availability

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When installed correctly the NO LIP guitar string ferrule offers the cleanest look of the 3 styles.  The caution is getting the depth right for a perfect flush look. 

The measurements on the NO Lip Ferrules are:

Diameter is 8.0mm,
Overall Length is 10mm
(tolerances are +/- .20 of a mm.)

No lip Guitar String Ferrule Schematics