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Guitar knobs

Guitar Knobs are the Finishing Touch on a Vintage Guitar or How to Build a Guitar Project. But, Looks aren't Everything! ...

Deciding on Flat top, Dome Top, No Knurl, light Knurled, Heavy Knurled, Numbered, no Numbers or Markings, themes such as bullet casings, skulls etc.? Oh! and of course the Finish Color and Style?  Whew!  a lot of choices. 

Whether looking for the perfect match for a Bakelite knob found at a yard sale, Period correct Vintage knobs, a chipped up Gold Les Paul Top Hat showing years of abuse or knobs with Numbers to guide the way, there's more to Knob Selection than deciding on the look or image.

How thick or tall?  For small hands or chubby hands?  Slip-on or screw mounted?

Will they fit the low end or high end potentiometers selected for this project?

Plastic or metal?  Light stamped or heavy weighted machined metal?

We can't cover it all, so lets look at tradition. 

The same style knobs that have been used since the 1950's are still modern builders first choices of knob styles

Traditional Machined Metal Knobs

MVG Guitar Knobs

       Flat Top Medium Knurled Knob 

Control Knobs are mounted on the potentiometer shafts enabling the player to manage Volume and Tone of the guitar.  As mentioned Control Knobs are offered in an array of shapes, sizes, colors and materials.

Modern Vintage Guitar parts center on the original style Tele control knobs which varied in size and design over the years.  The original Nickel finish accents these knurled, simple, fully functional, beauties.

The traditional design is the knurled barrel shaped knobs.  The originals were cut from solid metal bar stock for a very comfortable weighty feel.  The knurled sides helped the player feel control position when impeded by slippery stage sweat.  The tops of barrel knobs varied in different degrees from Domed to Flat topped.  

Over the years Knurling designs shifted from coarse to fine to very
coarse, finally narrowing down to the most popular Medium knurled.

        Dome Top Knurled Knob

MVG knobs come in both Nickel, Black Nickel and Nickel Satin finishes.  Knurling on these knobs is medium - heavy.   Knobs are cut from metal bar stock as the originals and have the desirable heavy feel.  Our Knobs are designed to work with both solid and splined pot shafts and are screw mounted, not the common plastic and light metal variants with plastic inserts for the pot posts.

 New & Aged Guitar Knob Availability

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Here are the current available "Original" AGED RELIC Knobs

Nickel Satin Knobs on Nickel Satin Control Plate

These very popularly special designed knobs
are the top choice of many guitar players and builders.

Aged Relic Guitar Knobs 

Here are a couple of examples of Modern Vintage Guitar Aged Relic Knobs

MVG offers most hardware parts in Aged Relic Finish.  Finishes Range from Lightly Aged to Heavy Relic.  Modern Vintage Guitar is the original creator of Hybrid Aged Relic Parts.  Hybrid parts offer a wide variety of finishes that were not previously offered.

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