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 Guitar Jacks

Basic 1/4" Female Guitar Jacks are the Standard Replacement Parts for Guitar, amplifier and speaker cabinet installations.  Fender Telecasters or other Vintage Guitars benefit from the MVG HD Jack upgrade . . .

Jacks like other guitar parts, come in different styles and quality of materials.  Standard set up of 1 hot lug and 1 ground lug connectors make up a large portion of jacks used in the music industry.

However, stereo and TRS (Return Send) jacks are used in special applications.  Both have an extra Hot lug connector.

The 1/4" Female Jack makes the connection from the guitar to the amplifier.   Guitarist have tried may versions of this simple input device.  Even the completely enclosed plastic cased models fall to the pressure of use and abuse.


Guitar Jack Availability

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The 1/4" jack is physically the weakest link in every guitar electronics circuit.
The weakness is most often due to the mounting nut on the Jack plate becoming loose.  The constant pushing in and out of the jack wire connecting the guitar to an amplifier, paired up with aggressive stage movement are the culprits that can totally stop a recording, Jam session or Stage performance.  

When this occurs the long metal hot contact can lose connection or the solder lug connection can become loose or break off entirely. Periodic inspection and retightening of the plate and nut will prolong the life of the connection.

Not All Female Guitar Jacks
are created equal . . .

Not all Female Jacks are created equal.  Thickness of the lugs and insulators should be considered in an attempt to ward off the affects of wear and tear while assuring a sound connection.  

Here's a Photo comparing an MVG HD Female Jack with a Vintage Switchcraft Jack, which back in the day was considered the industry Standard.

Note: the MVG HD larger insulators, Mounting surface and Lugs.  We believe the most abused part of the guitar circuit needs to be as Heavy Duty as possible. 

Guitar Jack Threads a Mounting Problem?

Mounting shaft thread patterns are available in both American and Metric thread types

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Metric threads are common on import mounting socket and screw type jack plates.

For builds and upgrades that require this style, We offer Metric Jacks

MVG Heavy Duty Jack threads are American UTS (Unified Thread Standard) pattern and among the finest made.  We believe our H.D's are constructed better than or equal to most Vintage style jacks which were once considered the standard.

Our VMG HD's are used predominately as guitar plug receptacle replacement or upgrade.

Because Amplifiers and Speaker Cabinets use the same style 1/4" Jacks and the abuse is often equally damaging to important connections, the MVG HD Female guitar jack is gaining in popularity as both amplifier and speaker cabinet upgrades.

It's Ironic that the most overlooked and least expensive part on a guitar causes the most performance problems of just about any other part.