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A Brief History of Electric Guitar Parts
Modern Vintage Guitar Mission Statement

The History of Electric Guitar Parts the classic how to build a guitar lesson. (Leo) Fender, Gibson (Mr. Les Paul) and Danelectro led the way ....

Historic Vintage Guitars

History of the Solid Body Electric Guitar Parts

The Solid Body Electric Guitar beginnings weren't as magical as some would like to believe.  It was a time
of inventors trying to make a living based on their creations.   The successful, made our electric guitar
dreams come true.

While modern innovation leads us, hopefully to a better future, the past draws us to our vintage roots.
Vintage electric guitars come from a seemingly mythical time many of us would like to rejoin.

1950's guitar manufacturers were trying to build a business using materials that would make their dream materialize, while being monetarily successful.  So, building  guitars with quality parts that were inexpensive was their goal.  One of the answers to their dreams was the refuse of war.  

They consistently used available military grade, surplus wire, switches, potentiometers, capacitors, jacks and resistors for their guitars.

Back in the day, Military grade represented quality, strength and performance.  Plus, surplus bargain pricing made U.S. military parts an easy choice.

Guitars from this era featured wood that we would consider ultra high end today.   But, at the time there was in abundant supply of inexpensive quality woods from aged trees that enhanced the sonic quality of the classic Vintage Electric Guitar Parts. 

Every electronic component, piece of hardware and wood used by the early electric guitar manufacturers have stood the test of time.  Highly sought after 60+ year old guitars from that era are beautiful, fully operational with a sound that's impossible to duplicate using modern materials.

Now, it's time for today's builders to take part in their own history of electric guitar.

Modern Vintage Guitar Mission
is to continue
the History of Electric Guitar Parts

Modern Vintage Guitar Mission 

Today manufacturers and builders offer very expensive "Custom Shop" guitars that allegedly have the look, feel and sound of the original classic guitars.  These copy guitars use some of the time tested materials found on the "originals".  But, not necessarily all parts used are vintage quality.  Modern mass produced parts are used in the attempt to sound and look like original OEM parts.

MVG's goal is to help guitarists and builders acquire parts that are a step up from those used on today's common production guitars and closer to authentic vintage spec's.  

MVG searches for and offers parts that are as close to the same specs and materials as possible of the original classic guitars. Todays Mass produced Electric Guitar Parts can be built to the same spec's, but modern finishes can't match up to Vintage quality.  MVG searches to find part finishes that are both affordable and of acceptable quality.

Modern Vintage Guitar enables modern guitar builders and guitarists to feel that becoming part of the History of  Electric Guitar is possible 

Our Mission is to have our clients achieve this without typical high prices, so working guitarists and builders can afford to modify or build the Modern Vintage Guitar of their dreams.

So, let the adventure begin.  Start exploring all of the available Electric Guitar Parts offered by Modern Vintage Guitar to make your own history of electric guitar.