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Original Aged Relic Guitar Parts

Modern Vintage Guitar has been creating Original Aged Relic Guitar parts for years. . .  

The MVG staff started by addressing requests from builders looking for more realistic softly aged nickel guitar hardware.

Previously available Guitar Hardware Parts were Cookie cutter factory aged parts produced or farmed out overseas by the large volume guitar parts houses

The generic medium blanket oxidation just didn't look the part.  Our soft Aged Relic parts provided an alternative for builders

Modern Vintage Guitar Original Aged Relic Beginnings

Yes, we made some look alike aged nickel parts for a while and still do from time to time. But, boring and part of the herd just wasn't working for us.  It was time to put our signature on Aged Relic Guitar Parts

We started by looking at aging on our own classic guitars, vintage guitars at guitar shops and vintage guitar shows. 

The results revealed that degrees of oxidation, Light grime mixed with sweat, lack of care or cleaning, beverage spills and heavy usage touch areas varied greatly. 

As shown in the photos, aged classic guitar parts ranged from Lightly Fogged Oxidation to Junk Yard Rust and everything in between

We started to zone in on recreating the most common stained areas.

Then we decided to go further and push the envelope by experimenting with various oxidation styles and process timing. 

This combined with developing additional steps to recreate grime and touch points unique to each piece of guitar hardware became very popular with our builders.