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About Us and Our Electric Guitar Parts. 

There's not one thing about us and what we do, that makes Modern Vintage Guitar the best supplier of Aged Relic and New electric guitar parts. 

It's ALL the things we do. Modern Vintage Guitar Searches the Globe to source the most Vintage Correct parts available at
the best price possible.  We supply Custom Guitar Builders and Novice Builders alike with best "Bang for the Buck" parts.

By using our over 50 years of experience buying, selling, repairing and building electric guitars, we provide builders the 
knowledge and the right parts for their next project. 

Whether it's replacement parts for a worn or broken guitar, electric guitar parts for a makeover or new build,  
MVG supplies both Original Aged Relic and New hardware to bring your dream guitar to life.

We're not just a hardware supplier.  MVG offers the most unique selection of Vintage and Modern Guitar Electronic parts

MVG parts are based first and foremost on the most versatile Vintage design ever created. 

It's Not Just About Us.....
But A Most Influential Modern Vintage Guitar

Guitar Manufacturers of the 1950’s and 60’s provided an number of Iconic Guitars. Top Manufacturers
such as Fender, Gibson and Danelectro provided dream guitars for the ages.  But, one model has
withstood the test of time better than all...

Fender Telecaster

A truly influential guitar.  Tele’s have been seen on just about every stage and are used in every genre of music worldwide.  Country, Rock and Roll, Blues, Jazz, Pop and World music all have and probably always will use the Tele style guitar. 

 It’s a Classic guitar with an instantly identifiable look and one of the most unmistakable sounds in music.

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A Simply Beautiful Guitar Parts Platform

Tele style guitars are the most customizable, simple and beautiful Guitar parts platforms, having the best availability of parts and providing an endless array of styles and sound combinations.

Everything from stage worn barn burners to "wall hanger" works of art are possible. 
If you can dream it, you can make it your own Modern Vintage Guitar.

What’s great about Telecaster parts is that they can be
used on a multitude of non-Traditional Tele guitar projects. 
These parts will screw onto just about anything. Wood, metal
or plastic (if it’s strong enough) and can turn a dream into
a custom built Guitar.  it's about us helping the builder with 
the best looking and most economical parts available.