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Telecaster Control Plate

The Telecaster Control Plate is another example of Leo Fender's Pure Simple Genius.

Style and Necessity in a Beautifully Compact package . . .

We believe this is the most efficient way to deliver control over the guitar's electronic functionality for a player ever created.  This design is useable on just about any style build, not just limited to the telecaster guitar, 

But, on a Telecaster Style guitar with the rest of Leo's choices of components it becomes part of music magic.

Controls Plates are the alternative to mounting electronics on a pick guard.  

The Tele style control plate is the most popular because of it's thin in-line profile and compact component arrangement.  This design can be used on non-Tele custom builds providing little distraction to the guitar's beauty while enhancing the guitar's wood or specialty finish.  

Control Plate Styles

Control Plate Availability

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Over the years two slightly different Telecaster control plates were used.  

Both are available today.  

The plate mounting screw holes and lever switch mounts are relatively the same on both.  

The Potentiometer holes come in two styles, the traditional 5/16" shaft hole and the larger modern 3/8" hole.   The 3/8" control plates are slightly wider and longer to accommodate the larger size pots such as our Special Design CTS pots.

The other difference between the Small and Large hole Plates is the width.   This Small hole plate measures approx. 1 1/4' (32mm) wide and the Large hole measures approx. 1 1/3" (34mm) wide.  

Note: The larger 3/8" sized Telecaster Control Plate may not fit into the radius of the pick guards on most Telecasters.  Radius adjustment can be a little tricky.  So, always measure before embarking on any changes.

Telecaster Control Plate Finishes

Nickel Satin Control Plate

Guitar Control Plate Finishes in Chrome, Nickel, and Black Nickel are most popular.  Chrome is most common

Nickel is the finish used on the original vintage guitars.  Recently control plates are being constructed in wood and various designer materials.

MVG offers both control plate styles in Nickel, Black Nickel and Nickel Satin finishes.  

Aged Relic Control Plates

Hybrid Control Plate with Knobs              

The show piece parts of any Hardware Set are the Control Plate, Neck Plate and the Bridge.

Left is a classic Aged Relic Control Plate in Vintage finish

Along with two "Original" AGED RELIC Control Plates in our exclusive Hybrid finish.

We also over both Sizes and all 3 Color Plates in an Aged Relic Finish.

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