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Modern Vintage Quality Guitar Parts

Modern Vintage Guitar features custom electric guitar parts for less. Dreaming of
building an aged classic of your very own without spending a fortune? Need guitar
replacement parts?  Want to turn a cheap electric guitar into a Pro Player on a budget? 
You've come to the right place.

MVG doesn't subscribe to costly Custom Logo packaging and promotions with
paid celebrity endorsements (unpaid famous endorsements are welcome of course).

Instead, our focus is on bringing builders the parts they need at a price they
can afford by offering the most popular parts available. 

Parts based on the most customizable guitars in history.  Parts influenced by the
Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster are the #1 choices of electric guitar builders.
Followed by select offerings of the most requested parts used on other Fender
models, Gibson's, Danelectros and more.   

As need dictates our selection will evolve based on builder's requests.

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Sometimes Shiny and Pretty isn't the right look

Years ago, after responding to numerous requests from our builders for Aged
Hardware Parts for both Classic aged and Heavily relic'd guitars, we decided to
give builders what they asked for at a reasonable price.  Our "Original Aged Relic"
Hardware has become a large part of our business. 

We took it so far that some builders say they feel dirty just looking at our parts.  
We say great! 

MVG Aged parts Range from the warm well worn look
of classic vintage parts to debris left behind by aliens . 

One thing is for sure, just like fingerprints no two
are alike, giving each build a One-of-a-Kind quality.

Hybrid Mutant and Vintage Worn Guitar Neck mounting Plates

Aged Relic Guitar Parts Availability

Be sure to check our available inventory. Search for available Original Aged Relic parts at the  
Modern Vintage Guitar eBay Store.

The Modern Vintage Guitar Vision

Our vision is to help guitar builders by providing both common and hard to
find guitar parts.  Whether upgrading, replacing or starting a new build,
guitar parts are our business.

But it doesn’t stop there.  We will try to demonstrate the benefit and pitfalls
of every part of the guitar saving the novice builder time and money, while
providing positive direction.

We provide the guitar parts and knowledge needed to make a great guitar
for less money than most common “name brand” production guitars.

Just getting started?  Learning “how to” build a guitar is a great personal 
experience with challenges at every stage of the build. The end product is
part of you and your dreams.

Thanks for visiting our site.  We will constantly upgrade our products.

Please come again!  You never know what you’ll find.